Buzzard 950, racing sailboat


Classe 950 course au large voile voilier
Classe 950 course au large voile voilier
Classe 950 course au large voile voilier sous la flotaison
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Buzzard 950

The Buzzard 950 is the latest of the BYD family.  Designed to conform to the Class950 rule,  the Buzzard 950 is optimized for short-handed offshore racing with enough accomodation for spartiate week-end cruises.

Special efforts have been deployed to optimize the hull lines, with more than a dozen concepts tested.  V15 made the cut: massive form stability with the a hard chine from mid-ship aft.  


We decided to optimize for a small detail in the rule:  No weather routing while racing.  This means that contrary to the pure downwind sleigh ride of the Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race, the skipper cannot altogether avoid on-the-wind conditions.  While retaining the strong planing capabilities of her class sisters, we integrated an element of the TP52s hull design in the form, to give her an edge on the wind.  You will notice the chine is slightly higher and the transom somewhat rounder.  We created a sweet spot of heeled-waterlines, form stability, trim, wetted-surface, rudder-angle and righting moment that should propel her to the head of the pack in the unavoidable upwind portion of the race.  Still, she will easily hold her own off-the-wind with extensive weight saving that will yield the careful builder a boat that skirts the upper-limit of the rule as far as stability while staying at the lower-limit of the rule for weight.  Incorporating design features reminescent of the latest IMOCAs and the VO65s, she is clearly designed in 2015.


She will sleep 4 comfortably (2 in quarterberths under the cockpit and 2 in the salon, dedicated small galley to port, nav station to starboard, and separate head in the forepeak.  The open cockpit has been ergonomically studied for comfort and unhindered movements, whether sitting in the companionway or hiked up on the rail.

Hull and decks are E-Glass over PVC-core, vacuum-bagged or resin infused. All bulkheads and most of the accomodation are foam-cored panels for weight saving.  The high aspect-ratio keel is fabricated steel with lead bulb.  Twin high aspect-ratio rudders.  All spars are carbon: Mast, boom, and pole.

imperial metric
LOA 31.2ft 9.5m
Beam 12.1ft 3.7m
Draft 7.87ft 2.4m
Water Ballast 238gal. 900l.
Suggested Horsepower 15-21 15-21
Fuel 13gal. 50l.
Water 26gal. 100l.
Displacement at rule 5950lbs 2700kg
Sail area upwind 860sq.ft. 80sq.m.


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