Ozona Pram

Ozona Pram

Prams are a traditional design concept in which the bow of the boat is a flat panel instead of a point, which in turn allows a wide beam forward.  Imagine your regular rowing skiff with the pointy end chopped off.  You lose 15-20% of overall length but very little carrying-capacity:  This is the beauty of prams and the reason why sailors have favored them as yacht-tenders for centuries.

Bedard Yacht Design’s Ozona Pram offers the classic head-turner looks of a wooden hull and traditional sheer with the ease of construction and light weight of stitch&glue marine plywood.  She can be built as an Okoume, Sapele or Meranti marine plywood, we offer the kits in all three.

We designed the Ozona Pram to achieve the optimum combination of rowing, sailing and motoring performance.  She was designed with an eye for detail using the background that only a trained designer can bring to the table, and that means the difference between a floating soapbox and a real vessel.  Remember the last time you rowed or sailed a dinghy?  Wasn’t the anchor and rode tangled up in an ungodly mess at the bottom?  What about your kid’s fishing rod?  The Ozona Pram comes standard with integrated rod holders and an actual anchor well.

What about safety?  With the flotation chambers filled with foam, she is unsinkable, period. Or put in access holes and leave the cavities empty for an awesome storage space; safe and dry!

She sails like a charm, points way up and will move before leaves do.  Sail up to places that big boats only dream of, you’ll need just about 6 inches of water.




She sails particularly well in light air.  Look at the photo below:  There is hardly a ripple yet the Pram is making a decent wake.  Heeled this way, the wetted surface is reduced considerably.

photo courtesy of Simon Lew
photo courtesy of Simon Lew

Deserted beach south of Cedar Key FL


All stitiching holes are pre-drilled and strategically placed.  All bulkheads and seats use a system of pockets and tabs for positive positioning.  The boat can easily be assembled with tie-wraps, no need to use wire, although you could if you prefer.

Pockets and stitch holes are pre-routed in the panels
Tabs in bulkheads









Our innovative clamp-less rubrail install lets you do just that. You could almost assemble the boat without any tools except for a pair of pliers!

clampless assembly
clampless assembly, even outwale

If you are interested in building a larger and more complicated vessel but you lack the self-confidence to jump in, the Ozona Pram is the perfect introduction to Stitch&Glue, using the same exact techniques you will use on your larger vessel, with the extra bonus that you’ll already have the tender!

Wood components kit: plywood (Okoume shown) and solid mahogany pieces

  • Specs
    LOA 7.8ft 2.4m
    Beam 3.8ft 1.15m
    Draft 5.5in. 14cm
    Displacement 380lb 170kg
    Sail area 43sq.ft. 4sq.m.


  • Ozona-pram-Outboard-profile-and-plan

*Note: Pictures representing plans are showing an older version of the boat.  We are in the process of updating the material to reflect the new design.


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