Ozona X Nesting Pram




10ft 3m


4.1ft 1.25m
Draft 6in. 15cm
Displacement 565lb 257kg
Sail area 75sq.ft. 7sq.m.

Ozona X Nesting Pram

Prams are a traditional design concept in which the bow of the boat is a flat panel instead of a point, which in turn allows a wide beam forward.  Imagine your regular rowing skiff with the pointy end chopped off.  You lose 15-20% of overall length but very little carrying-capacity:  This is the beauty of prams and the reason why sailors have favored them as yacht-tenders for centuries.

Bedard Yacht Design’s Ozona X Nesting Pram evolved from the hugely popular Ozona Pram and a significant demand from cruisers for a nesting dinghy, slightly larger.  A lot of thoughts went into the design of this new boat:  The seats are removable to reduce nesting size to 62″x50″x21″ with each half weighing less than 50lb; Once the pram is joined, the seats are locked in place, to avoid any risk of losing them in a capsize or while towing.


All stitching holes are pre-drilled and strategically placed.  The panels are marked with both ID and bulkheads and seats intersections.  The boat can easily be assembled with tie-wraps, no need to use wire, although you could if you prefer.




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