OzonaX Nesting Pram Plan Set (Paper)

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    Get our gorgeous Ozona X Nesting Pram’s FULL-SIZE patterns and Instruction Manual and build it according to your schedule, on your budget.



This is the way to go if you have a few sheets of marine plywood leftover from a previous project, or if you live in a place where the price of shipping a kit is prohibitive.

With this purchase, you’ll receive the following drawings.

24″x36″” (Arch D) PLAN, PROFILE, PANELS

24″x36″” (Arch D) CONSTRUCTION

24″x36″ (Arch D) SAILPLAN

24″x144″ Full-Size Templates A

24″x144″ Full-Size Templates B

Ozona X Nesting Pram Assembly Manual

To help you during construction, explore the Ozona X Builders Construction  gallery, were you can find pictures that builders share with us.  There is a lot of valuable information on there.



Full-size templates

Materials List

4 4’x8′ sheets of Marine-Grade 6mm Plywood (1/4″).

1 4’x8′ sheet of Marine-Grade 9mm Plywood (3/8″)

One-Half 4’x8′ sheet of Marine-Grade 18mm Plywood (3/4″)

Solid mahogany or Sapele:

68″x1/2″x3/4″[1800x12x18mm] (4x) Mahogany or similar for Gunwales.  Ideally of course, if you can find 136″[3400] sticks you’ll need only (2x) and save yourself a scarf.

(1x) 6″x28″x3/4″ Fwd and 2 Aft knees

Epoxy supplies (rough guide only):

3 Gal. Mixed Epoxy (Such as 1 Gal. resin + 1/2 Gal. Activator)

1 Gal. Wood Flour

9 yards [3m] of 60″ [1500mm]wide 6oz/sq.yd. Fiberglass cloth

50yd 6oz cloth tape x 3″





Parts list & ID

For more details and pictures, samples of the plan drawings and more, see the full specs of this design HERE

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in
Sailing Option

Non-Sailing, Sailing

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