We built Bedard Yacht Design around our love of boats, the outdoors, adventure, woodworking and Arts. In these pages you will find, wrapped up in our designs, values that we are proud of and that we stand for: Green footprint, efficiency, creativity, beauty, excellence, and the idea that our waterways are for everyone to enjoy.  It is this cocktail of eclectic values that makes a BYD design a head-turner wherever she goes.

Founded in 2015, BYD has already, in a few short years, acquired an international reputation for quality that’s reflected in the variety of places where you can find our designs.

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Boats are toys, first and foremost. We believe that you need to fall in love again every time you lay eyes on her.


Nothing will wipe the love from your eyes faster than poor performance.  Efficiency can take many forms:  For a fishing boat it can mean going faster with the same outboard or going as fast with a smaller one.  For a cruiser it could mean longer trips on fewer tanks of gas.  For a sailboat it can mean speed, range, rough-weather or shorthanded-handling; the possibilities are endless.

Bedard Yacht Design strives for efficiency by focusing on excellence in design: flat-out perfectionism and attention to detail.  It costs just as much, and takes just as long to build a bad design as it does to build a good one.  A heavy boat with bad lines will not get to the fishing grounds faster; it will only take more gas doing so.  What’s our approach, then? More work in design.  Spend more time designing, finding solutions to cut build-time, to cut weight, and to maximize use of technology.  Think outside the box. The more time your boat spends on the design table, the more in-depth we analyze the interactions of the various components, the better the lines, the more efficient the planing surface and the accommodation.  And this translates into dollars in your pockets.  Dollars you won’t spend on material, labor, maintenance & fuel. Increase your fun per dollar ratio!  All it takes is us working harder at designing the right boat for you.


Because our world’s resources are limited but our creativity, ingenuity and dedication are not!

Company Owner

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  • JF Bedard   

    Founder and Designer

    JF Bedard is a graduate of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, an Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, SNAME student member and a member of ABYC.  He also holds a bachelors degree from  McGill University, Montreal.  He has sailed from a young age on his family’s small catamarans.  Over the years has owned various boats,both power and sail. Along with his family, he lived aboard his sailboat for 5 years before opening his own business.  In addition to running BYD, he holds a position of Naval Architect/Engineer at Island Packet Seawards Yachts in Largo, FL.

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  • The Mission

    The most important thing is balance.  Our mission is to create boats that are beautiful, efficient, safe and fun to use. JF Bedard

  • The Goal

    Form.  Function. Attitude.


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